04.12.2017 - An ornithological trip through Europe thanks to MICHEL

(Unterschleißheim / wm) The fourth edition of the popular topical MICHEL catalogue ‘Vögel Europa‘ (‘Birds – Europe’) is now available. This volume provides an updated overview of the species of birds that have been depicted on the stamps of the European postal administrations.
There are many stamps that show birds, be it as main motif or as an issue depicting one or more birds in a supporting role. It is not always easy or even possible to detect which bird species it concerns, especially when a bird is shown on a small object like a postage stamp. MICHEL is very strict: in its birds catalogue only issues are mentioned that show birds of which the species is determined with sufficient certainty.
But even with this restriction, more than 5,000 birds can be reliably recognized, to which we have to add that there are many stamps showing more than one bird species. In total there are over 660 bird species to be found on the European stamps; only 19 of them are newcomers in this fourth edition of ‘Vögel Europa’.
Although more than 400 stamps have been added, this does not mean that the number of catalogue pages has increased considerably. This has been done by further improvements to the lay-out program and it does therefore any loss of information. A register of bird names is also included.
The most common bird on European stamps is probably the domestic chicken. Some other common birds are the majestic golden eagle or the colourful kingfisher. Many other species of birds can only be found on one or two stamps. When searching for the MICHEL numbers of these stamps, the register is a great help.
The catalogue offers 496 pages containing more than 5,000 illustrations in colour illustrations and around 20,000 price quotations. The catalogue costs 69.80 euros.