01.12.2017 - MICHEL: classic European stamps in one volume!

(Unterschleißheim/ wm). We had to wait for it for ten years, but now it is once again available: MICHEL’s ‘Klassik Europa-Katalog’. For the fact that the publisher, Schwaneberger Verlag, decided to bring out a new edition of this catalogue we have to thank – amongst others – the many collectors that kept on requesting for a revised ‘Klassik Europa’ catalogue. In general, the catalogue starts at the year 1900, but there are certainly exceptions to this rule, especially as a deviation added value to the information provided.
Even at first glance, one can see clear differences between this edition and its predecessor. The new version is much more colourful. In the past decade, MICHEL has taken up the job of replacing many black-and-white illustrations coloured ones. In addition, stamps that were not previously shown are now, in the most recent edition, also presented in colour. This makes the new edition even more interesting and easier to use.
The number of pages has grown: there were 24 pages added to the catalogue. This has to do with the fact that in the past ten years more knowledge has been gained: numerous additions and extensions can be found throughout the entire work.
It’s no use looking in a catalogue of this kind for new issues. But there are certainly new discoveries that have been taken in account. The most spectacular is certainly the postage stamp of Switzerland with Michel catalogue number 4 I F, which may now be considered to be the scarcest stamp of the collecting area Switzerland, since only one used copy is known. This is of course reflected in the quotation of this stamp, which comes down to a proud € 300,000. Apart from the insertion of this previously unknown stamp there is much more to be found in the catalogue: one will find an impressive number of changes across all territories covered by this edition. It is also by no means the case that all valuations in the new catalogue are of the aforementioned. Many classic stamps are very common and in many cases affordable for almost every collector. In short, MICHEL’s ‘Klassik Europa-Katalog’ is a useful and reliable guide covering the first 60 years of European stamp production.
The hardbound catalogue offers more than 4,000 colour illustrations and around 90,000 price quotations on 704 pages. For the first time, reviews for units (pairs, stripes and blocks of four) are now also included, as well as information about reprints, special cancellations, special technical features and much more. The catalogue costs 98 euros.