29.11.2017 - Will Wolfgang Jakubek score his next bestseller?

(wm) The German philatelic magazine ‘Briefmarken Spiegel’ brought the news some months ago: ‘Mr. Mauritius’ (the pet name of former German top auctioneer, expert and juror Wolfgang Jakubek, picture below)) was busy preparing a new publication. And now more details of Jakbubek’s efforts are on the table: under the title "Topic 3rd Reich. An illustrated book and memories ", Jakubek publishes an impressive work that counts 820 pages on large format, divided over two luxurious volumes carefully protected by slipcases. Jakubek – who is a connoisseur and an avid art lover – presents his book in two languages: German and English. He considers his latest publication as an example of oral history: he has – as a child and as an adolescent – consciously experienced the period that he describes (1933-1945). The result is a mixture of an autobiography and a documentary that provides an unique overview of philatelic material (some of it until now completely unknown) like the stamps, proofs and prints of hand stamps of that time. He reveals for the first time many secrets of the Staatsdruckerei in Vienna. The reader can be sure that Jakubek's latest work not only stands for quality but also for excitement at the highest level. In other words: it concerns a publication that can compared with his earlier books, which may have sold a number that has two written with the use of six digits. Jakubek has been working on the book in close cooperation Hans-Joachim Schwanke, whom Jakubek presents as "the man with the most comprehensive knowledge of drafts, essays and proofs from the era of the Third Reich". Schwanke also took care of the English translation and he acts as the main contact person for the distribution of Jakubek’s book. A set of the two luxurious volumes costs until 30 November 2017 198 euros. From 1 December the selling price will be 248 euros (shipping within Germany 8 euros, international shipping costs please inquire). For orders please contact : Hans-Joachim Schwanke, Märkerweg 33, 22455 Hamburg, E-Mail:,