11.10.2017 - PHILA HISTORICA No. 3/2017 published!

(P*C) PHILA HISTORICA is the title of a German based magazine that may be called unique. It concerns a fully digital magazine that can be downloaded free of charge from the following address: It appears four times a year, every edition offering about 250 pages or more. Recently, edition 3/2017 was published, which focus heavily on postal history thanks to four contributions about the First World War that were written by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Krüger. There is also an article about the first Europa stamp of Liechtenstein, as well as a contribution of Carsten Mintert concerning the so-called Kaiserkopf (‘Kaiser Head’) issue, as created artist engraver Jacoby. There is also an adventurous story about Philipp von Ferrari, written by Wolfgang Maassen and dealing with the German citizenship that Von Ferrari managed to acquire in Heidelberg/Mannheim (1903).
An abridged version of a further chapter of ‘Who Is Who In Philately’ can also be found in the recent issue of PHILA HISTORICA; it contains biographical information about famous and/or important people with a surname that begins with the letter ‘L’.
Numerous other contributions are to be found in the richly illustrated digital magazine. Interested parties wishing to be informed about the appearance of new issues of the magazine can apply for free registration when they contact the publisher; the email address is