05.10.2017 - The Philatelic Journalist No. 3/2017 has been published

(wm) The latest edition of The Philatelic Journalist, the official magazine of the International Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists (AIJP), which is published three times a year, has been available since the beginning of this month. The issue is dominated by the upcoming internatinal event MonacoPhil in Monte Carlo and the by the extraordinary special exhibition aboud Philipp von Ferrari. But it also provides interesting contributions that contain useful advice, a review of FINLANDIA 2017 and the complete regulations for the upcoming international philatelic literature exhibition ITALIA 2018, for which application closes at the end of this mont. Another important contribution regards the first part of a study on the development of organized philately and philatelic literature in Canada. As always, most contributions are written in English, but a number oft he articles are also available in German.
If you are seriously interested in joining the AIJP will can also receive the new issue of The Philatelic Journalist free of charge. Contact: