13.09.2017 - Deutsche Post Philatelie: Claudia Schäfer succeeds Oliver Brandes

(Munich / Bonn, August 29, 2017): Oliver Brandes, who previously was at the top of Deutsche Post Philatelie, has been entrusted with a new management responsibility within the Group. "It is not easy for me to give up my responsibilities as manager of the Philately Department," confesses Brandes. The contacts with the collectors inspired him and motivated him, the former director writes in his résumé.
Brandes hands the management of the philately department over to a very experienced colleague: Claudia Schäfer has been working for many years on responsible positions concerning in the design and production of German postage stamps. From 1998 to 2002, for example, she held a leading position in the reorganization of "modern philately" which resulted in Europe's largest philatelic center: that in the German town Weiden. She can also look back on a long time of fruitful collaboration with creative designers and the ministry responsible for the issuing of German postage stamps, the Federal Ministry of Finance. Schäfer will bring her experiences and contacts to the benefit of philately, thanks to the fact that she is well acquainted with all details of the postage stamp. "We will continue to do our utmost to provide our customers with a competent, fast and reliable service in the field of philately," says Claudia Schäfer.

Oliver Brandes and Claudia Schäfer (picture: Deutsche Post Philately).