11.09.2017 - Clever guides and sources of knowledge

(wm) Good advice is not always expensive. Visitors of the more important philatelic stamp fairs will be aware of the existence of the specials that the German stamp magazines ‘Briefmarken Spiegel’ and ‘DBZ/SE’ compose for these occasions. The aforementioned magazines are jointly responsible for these special publications, that contain information that can certainly benefit the reader, as long as they master the basics of the German language. This is particularly the case for the guidebooks "Erben und Vererben" (about inheritances, October 2016) and "Social Philately. The Future of Collecting ". Closer to the pulse of the times, they tackle topics that are trendy and in demand. They are richly garnished with advertisements, but one can understand that: those freebies must be financed in some way, especially since their circulation has to be expressed in five-figure numbers.
This also applies to the latest publication of this kind, which is enclosed in the September issues of both journals and appears on the occasion of the 170th birthday of the famous "Blue Mauritius". Renowned auctioneers such as Wolfgang Jakubek and Hans-Joachim Schwanke have their say. The report many things that have not yet been known in detail: Jakubek in his usual entertaining manner when he writes about the auction of an unused copy of the "Blue Mauritius", which he auctioned twice in his lifetime, Schwanke about the discovery of the grave of the engraver of this famous stamp, Joseph Osmond Barnard, whose footsteps Schwanke traced when he was on Mauritius in September 2016. The special of ‘Briefmarken Spiegel’ and ‘DBZ/SE’, which is very interesting, 24 pages.