09.08.2017 - International Exhibition of Philatelic Literature (March 23-24, 2018)

(wm) After more than five years, worldwide an international philatelic literature exhibition will be held, which will build on the success of the previous one, IPHLA 2012 in Mainz (Germany). Next year, Milan will be hosting this competition, which will be held in accordance with the latest FEPA regulations for philatelic literature. To emphasize this is important, because this means that digital literature of all sorts is allowed to participate in the exhibition. The AIJP, especially Dr. Giancarlo Morolli (who was vice president of this international association of philatelic authors and journalists until 2016), but also its President have always advocated the equal treatment of such literature.
Authors and publishers will also without doubt welcome the fact that ITALIA 2018, organized by the Italian Philatelist’s Association within the framework of MILANOFIL 2018, only asks for one copy per exhibit, and that the exhibit fee is only 40 euros, unusually moderate for a world exhibition. Payment has been made easy by offering the possibility to make use of PayPal, which made a lean organizational structure possible.
Interested authors and exhibitors can only register via the website The jury has three months to evaluate the exhibits; they can do this at their own homes. The latter means that there is no need for the jury members to gather during long cost-intensive stays during the exhibition. ITALIA 2018 is therefore going new ways and deserves compliments for this.
The jury consists of nine renowned philatelic literature connoisseurs. The Jury President, Giancarlo Morolli, has already been appointed. The same goes for the FEPA consultant José Ramón Moreno and FEPA jury member Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi. Michelle Caso from Italy will act as secretary of the jury. The remaining names of the jury members will be announced shortly. It is certain that it will concern renowned authors, publishers and journalists, all people who are well versed in the world of philatelic literature.
Exhibitors can now register their exhibits via the website. The first reports about the event are already available; you will find them on