04.08.2017 - Liechtenstein wins NexoFil Award in category most innovative stamp

(lp) Every year, in Spain the so-called NexoFil Award is awarded. It concerns a competition organized by the leading Spanish philatelic magazine "EL ECO". The magazine invites official philatelic organizations in nations from all over the world to nominate their favorite stamps. When all nominations have come in, an international jury with 40 experts from Europe and America judge the submitted stamps. There are ten different categories.
The Liechtenstein stamp "International Year of Light" (2015) has been voted as the winner in one of the most challenging categories: "Most Innovative Stamp of the Year". The stamp was designed by Leone Ming and contains three light phenomena: a fluorescent background that illuminates in the dark, a micro perforation for the diffraction of light waves, and a special color, which changes from pink to violet when exposed to ultraviolet light.
It is not the first time the stamp received an award; last year it also won the Red Dot Award.