02.08.2017 - Wolfgang Maassen: Who is Who in philately? Volume 2 (E-H)

(pc/wm) In 1999, the first edition of a useful reference book, titled ‘Wer ist wer in der Philatelie’ (‘Who’s Who In Philately’) was published. It offered 240 pages and dealt with all letters of the alphabet (A-Z). The book contained the names of important philatelists, followed by short biographies; it concerned philatelists since the 19th century. Already at that time the ‘Who’s Who’ was remarkable and unique publication. A second edition, purely digital, appeared in 205 and supplement the first edition considerably. But only the third edition, whose first volume (2011, 328 pages, letters A, B, C and D) fulfilled the wishes for that remained for the users of the earlier editions, being philatelists, journalists, collectors and philatelic associations.
And now volume 2 of this third edition is available, counting 372 pages that ‘only’ offers another four letters of the alphabet: 44 pages for the letter "E", 87 for the letter "F", 91 for the letter "G" and no less than 122 pages for the letter "H". As was the case in 2011, more and more well-known dealers, experts philatelists from the former German Democratic Republic were taken into account. The principle that only those who had left their mark in German philately was retained. This meant that their biographies in some cases were expanded enormously. The result is that also this second volume of the third edition compiles an enormous amount of unique information about and illustrations of persons that not only shaped German philately, but also international philately.
The pictures on this hardbound volume already give away something about the contents of the bookk: we recognize Philipp von Ferrari, "Bud" Hennig, Ludwig Hesshaimer and Gerd H. Hövelmann. The back of the book shows Georges Fouré, thanks to the only photograph that seems to exist of him. The aforementioned names shows the enormous diversity in word and image that can be found in this work.
Volume 3 of the third edition will be released in a year’s time. The author already offered the contents of this volume (although still incomplete and without any illustrations) in his digital magazine PHILA HISTORICA, which can be downloaded free of charge at The printed volume will have the same scope as the information that was published PHILA HISTORICA; it covers the letters I, J, K, L and M. There will also be a number of extensive lists of abbreviations, bibliographies and surnames.
“Wer is wer in der Philatelie” by Wolfgang Maassen (third edition, third volume). Format DIN A5, 372 pages, ill., hard cover. Selling price 24,80 euro plus postage. ISBN: 978-3-932198-96-0. For more information please contact Phil*Creativ Verlag, Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal, Germany, telephone ++[0]2163/4866, Fax 30003, e-Mail: or