05.07.2017 - Royal Philatelic Society elects first ‘overseas’ President

(RJ West) At the Annual General Meeting held on 22 June, The Royal Philatelic Society elected Patrick Maselis as President. Patrick is the Society’s first ‘overseas’ President, his election recognising the fact of the membership of over 2,250 of the Society, more than half reside outside the United Kingdom.
Patrick, born and living in Belgium, is a fourth generation philatelist, his collecting interests including the Medallion issue of Belgium, Belgium Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, and the postal history of Lake Enclave, New Zealand and New York. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Maselis Group, active worldwide in cereals and breakfast cereals.
Richard Stock, elected two years ago as a Vice-President, is joined by Peter Cockburn also elected at this year’s AGM. Other Officers are Peter Cockburn as Honorary Secretary, Nigel Gooch as Honorary Treasurer, and Ben Palmer as Honorary Librarian.
The members of Council are David Alford, Mark Bailey, Dieter Michelson, James Podger, Mike J. Y. Roberts, Birthe King, John Davies, Bill Hedley, Christopher Hitchen and Colin Hoffman.