23.06.2017 - New MICHEL catalogue South and Central Arabia 2017 (ÜK 10.2)

(wm) The MICHEL overseas catalog series has been experiencing a new setup since quite a while. Here we review volume 10.2, which has a first part (10.1), in which the areas from the Levant are cataloged. In this second volume, which appeared on 9 June 2017, the postage stamps of Abu Dhabi, Aden, Ajman, Bahrain, Dubai, Fujeira, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Ras al-Chaima, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Umm al- Qaiwain and the United Arab Emirates are dealt with. This part counts 832 pages, offers around 9,000 illustrations and presents about 50,000 price quotations. Since it has been quite a while that this part of the MICHEL range has been updated with a new catalogue volume, there are a lot of price movements in nearly all areas. This on the one hand is associated with a stronger demand from domestic collectors living in these regions, but has also something to do with the attractive possibility of collecting the stamps that are to be found in this volume from the start, i.e. from catalogue number one onwards. Some of these countries really belong to the "young" collecting areas, which means that there could be some surprises in the future. The catalogue costs 89 euros.