21.06.2017 - MICHEL Südeuropa (Southern Europe) 2017

(wm) Since 9 June of this year, the European series of the renowned MICHEL catalogues has been extended with volume ‘EK 3’, which stands for ‘Southern Europe’ or – in German – ‘Europa-Katalog Südeuropa’. The new catalogue comprises the following countries and territories: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (three different postal administrations), Fiume, Italy, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Trieste and Vatican City. All in all the catalogue offers no less than 1.536 pages showing about 19.500 illustration in full colour. It also gives around 80.000 price quotations.
There are many changes as far as the latter are concerned, most of them can be found by Serbia. There are some spectacular increases, for instance a stamp booklet of Albania that doubled in price and a souvenir sheet that was valued at three times it original quotation.
Some important changes have been implemented with regard to the numbering of certain stamp issues, especially in the parts that deal with countries like Malta, Italy, Serbia, Fiume, Croatia and Yugoslavia. This well designed, hard bound catalogue is available for 69.80 euros, which is a very reasonable price for such an outstanding catalogue.