19.06.2017 - Is Stanley Gibbons up for sale?

(sg/lsn) The renowned British stamp firm and catalogue publisher Stanley Gibbons in London (England) has confirmed that it is open to takeover offers from any interested party. In the announcement of Stanley Gibbons the company refers to the restructuring efforts that the firm started last year.
Stanley Gibbons is a company regarded as a mainstay of the British philatelic world. The firm has a 161-year history and is listed on the AIM (London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investments Market). As such, SG must promptly inform shareholders and the public of any matters affecting its valuation. Stanley Gibbons now states that it recently received an inquiry from Disruptive Capital Finance, a London-based investor. SG regards the inquiry of Disruptive Capital Finance as an expression of interest in buying the Stanley Gibbons Group or some of its parts. However, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reports that Disruptive has denied that is has been made definite offer.