31.05.2017 - PostNL tests new automatic parcel machines

(pnl) – The Dutch postal service PostNL continues a trial that concerns automatic parcel machines. New machines have been installed in the Dutch province of Limburg, for instance in the villages Klimmen and Schinnen. The innovative machines are able to receive and serve out parcels. The also act as normal mailboxes. With the test, PostNL reacts to changed consumer demand with regard to sending and receiving parcels. Last November PostNL started the trial in a number of neighbourhoods of Almere, a large city in the neighborhood of Amsterdam. And now another six ‘parcel machines’ have been installed in Limburg, Holland’s southernmost province. PostNL wants to investigate whether the machine can actually provide the needs of people who want to receive or send parcels at any time of day or night. The results of the test in Almere, i.e. in an urban area, are positive. However, it is too early to draw conclusions. PostNL also wants to gain experience in more rural areas, which explains why six new machines have been installed in a number of villages in Limburg. It concerns Klimmen, Schinnen, Grashoek, Beringe, Wessem and Limbricht.
The machine can process parcels in different sizes and is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. People that use the machines receive a unique code via SMS or e-mail; this code will allow them access to the parcel compartment(s) that were assigned to them.