21.10.2016 - Philipp von Ferrari: what was forgotten and had disappeared is now rediscovered!

(mt) It will probably be too late for people outside Germany, but we still wish to draw the attention to a meeting that will be held on 22 October 2016 in Bonn. There, the chairman of the chapter ‘Consilium Philatelicum’, Wolfgang Maassen, will tell the participants more about the state of affairs regarding the biography that he is writing of the greatest stamp collector of all time, Philipp von Ferrari (1850-1917). Maassen will speak from 11 am to 1 pm in the Haus der Philatelie und Postgeschichte in Bonn (address: Mildred-Scheel-Strasse 2, 53175, Bonn, Germany). He will share the details of his world-wide ‘Ferrari Project’ that has to result in a new, more comprehensive and historically true biography of the legendary ‘King of the Stamp Collectors’. Maassen’s biography will clean up the countless legends, fairy tales and outright lies stories which have been repeated for more than a hundred or years.
If you wish to know more about the ‘Ferrari Project’ you can always contact the biographer; his e-mail address is