19.10.2016 - Kalckhoff Literature Medal goes to Dr. Peter Tichatzky

(wm) A few weeks ago, Dr. Peter Tichatzky was awarded the Kalckhoff Medal. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schult, chairman of the Philatelist’s Association of Berlin-Brandenburg, presented the medal during a festive event on behalf of Postage Stamp Day 2016 (‘Tag der Briefmarke 2016’). Since 1950 the German philatelist’s association (BDPh) has been awarding the Kalckhoff Medal to reward persons who have rendered outstanding services for philatelic literature. The medal for the year 2016 pays tribute to the literary work of Dr. Tichatzky, who has been particularly connected with the promotion of the collection area of the German Democratic Republic. Since 1979 Dr. Tichatzky has written numerous papers for important German magazines such as ‘Sammler Express’, ‘Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung’, ‘Briefmarken Spiegel’ and – especially in the last decade – ‘philatelie’, the official organ of the BDPh.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schult (left) honors Dr. Peter Tichatzky with the prestigious Kalckhoff Medal (Photo: Bernhard Tiedt).