10.10.2016 - Mail carriers set to be able to take meter readings too

(sp) Swiss Post’s letter carriers reach over four million households almost every day. Swiss Post is taking advantage of this proximity to customers to develop services beyond its mail business. As part of a partnership with IT service provider Avectris, utility companies will be able to request Swiss Post to have its mail carriers read Swiss households’ electricity, water and gas meters while on their rounds using their scanner.
Equipped with a scanner app on their letter and parcel scanner, letter carriers will be able to read electricity, water and gas meters in Swiss households while on their daily rounds upon request by regional utility companies. The new service is based on a partnership between Swiss Post and the IT service provider Avectris: Swiss Post will be responsible for on-site meter readings, while Avectris will bring its technical expertise in developing the app and digitizing the service. From October 2016, Swiss Post will take on its first contract to read electricity meters for Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Schaffhausen AG (EKS). Until the end of the year, readings will initially be limited to specific regions, before being expanded to EKS’s entire Swiss supply area in January 2017.