26.09.2016 - Michel publishes new Western Europe Catalogue (2016/2017, EK6)

(th/wm) The recently published Michel catalogue ‘Western Europe 2016/2017’ (EK6) provides essential information about the postage stamps of the countries of the ‘Benelux’ (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg) and the British Isles. Numerous new Michel catalogue numbers are introduced in this edition and moreover many editorial changes and improvements have been applied. For instance the dimensions of the Belgian complete stamp sheets as sold at the post offices have been checked and, if necessary, updated. Another example is an Irish postage stamp that up until now was regarded to be a so-called ‘non-émis’ (unissued stamp) and that now is listed with a main catalogue number, because there is proof of its availability at certain post offices. A classic Luxemburg is now listed in four different colour variations, which is two more than before. In the catalogue part that deals with classic Dutch postage stamps a number of remarks has been inserted that warn for counterfeits. In the Irish section now private overprints are also described, which is useful since from now on these surcharges can be distinguished from Irish stamp showing official overprints. Of particular interest are the newly added, often valuable varieties, that have been found by a number of Irish and British postage stamps.
The quotations in this catalogue are updated with every new edition, taking in account the actual market situation. This has, this time, led to many changes. Many classic unused British stamps show significant price increases. The same goes for certain varieties; in some cases their price quotations have doubled or even tripled. Dutch stamps issued in the fifties of the last century especially show price movements.
Format: 15.5x23 cm, 101th edition, in full colour, 1.376 pages, about 16.500 illustrations and 78.000 price quotations. Hardcover; retail price: 68 euros.