23.09.2016 - The end of the ‘Age of Kista’ is approaching fast

(rh/mf) It is no secret that the special stamp printing unit in Kista (Sweden) will close its doors. Since 1920 all Swedish stamps were printed in Kista. Later on, when the cooperation with Denmark took shape (resulting in a new company called ‘PostNord’) also all Danish stamps were produced in Kista.
It seems that there are great benefits when the production of postage stamps is concentrated in one place. But that place will no longer be Kista, Sweden. Because ‘PostNord’ has decided to sign a contract with the French security printer ‘Cartor’. In future, ‘PostNord’ will order all its stamps (both Swedish and Danish) in France. In the course of next year, all activities that are related to the production of stamps for ‘PostNord’ will be gradually transferred to the French company.