21.09.2016 - Stockholmia 2019: dealer booths can be booked now

(wm) Collectors from all over the world are looking forward to the most important philatelic event to be held in 2019: the international stamp exhibition Stockholmia 2019. Thousands of philatelists are expected to visit the Swedish capital Stockholm, to enjoy an exhibition that will take place from 29 May until 2 June in the hypermodern ‘Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre’ (see picture). Dealers wishing to participate in Stockholmia 2019 can already book their booths. To act quickly seems to be the message, because the organizers of the exhibition have warned that booths will be available only in limited numbers. It is expected that before long all booths reserved for stamp dealers will have been claimed, especially since the cost of a booth is relatively moderate. Interested parties are invited to go to; there they will find a plan of all the exhibition halls, the dimensions of the booths and information about how to book a booth.