12.09.2016 - Two new Michel catalogues: Liechtenstein and Switzerland

LBK-Michel Specialized Liechtenstein Catalogue 2016/17
(tg/wm) Michel’s recently presented catalogue titled ‘LBK-MICHEL Liechtenstein Special 2016/2017’ has been produced in a close cooperation between the postal administration of Liechtenstein and the German publishing house Schwaneberger Verlag. Most of the attention went to the establishment of accurate price quotations. This meant that many changes were made, especially in the area of First Day Covers (FDC’s) and maximum cards (MK). The exchange rate between the Swiss franc and the euro played a big role, which also led to numerous adjustments.
Textual changes can be found throughout the catalogue, amongst them circulation figures that previously were unknown. Wherever possible, cross-references were expanded, which means that finding stamp issues of the same design can be found even more easily. As far as possible, the corresponding numbers used in Zumstein’s catalogue are also given. To distinguish MICHEL catalogue numbers and price quotations in Euros from Zumstein catalogue numbers and quotations in Swiss francs the former are printed in blue and the latter in black.
Format 15.5 x 23 cm, 35th edition, in color, 464 pages, 4.000 pictures, 32.000 price quotations. Hardcover; retail price: 74 euros; combined price for both the Liechtenstein and the Switzerland catalogue (see below).

Michel Specialised Switzerland Catalogue 2016/2017
(tg/wm) This catalogue contains the Cantonal stamps of Switzerland (the first Swiss stamps for the cantons of Zurich, Geneva and the City of Basel) as well as the stamp issues of the Swiss Confederation and those of the Swiss Bundespost. There are also subdivisions for service stamps and postage due stamps. Furthermore the semi-official stamps, the popular private ‘Hotel Post’ stamps and last but not least the special issues of the League of Nations and the special agencies and bureaus of the United Nations in Switzerland.
Data that have been extracted from the latest research have been used to produce this catalogue; it concerns amongst others new or corrected circulation figures, improvements in the dividing captions, more color illustrations and also the inclusion of new subspecies.
As far as the price quotations are concerned we have to point out a significant increase for the issues of the Swiss ‘Kantons’.
Format 15.5 x 23 cm, 35th edition, in color, 496 pages, 2.200 pictures, 22.000 price quotations. Hardcover; retail price 74 euros; combined price for both the Switzerland and the Liechtenstein catalogue (see above).