24.08.2016 - BDPh (G.): magazine philatelie in future produced by Philapress Verlag

(aijp/ak) The official journal of the German philatelist’s association (BDPh), "philatelie", that has been under the editorship of Wolfgang Maassen during 28 years, will no longer be produced by the German media company Phil*Creativ in Schwalmtal. The agreement between parties expires at the end of this year and will not be renewed by the BDPh. At the end of 2015, the German foundation for the promotion of philately and postal history already decided that it would cease the publication of "Philatelie und Postgeschichte" (a permanent annex to “philatelie”). On 11 August of this year the BDPh announced on its website that the editorial and marketing activities of "philatelie" will henceforth be handled by Philapress Verlag in Göttingen (G.). It is unclear what the BDPh exactly means when it speaks of 'marketing activities'. Perhaps the association is considering to make the magazine available on the free market, in printed and in digital form.
One can easily imagine that the current producer of the magazine, Phil*Creativ, is quite unhappy with the state of affairs. The company has not been given a chance to compete for the order. It is true that the BDPh’s treasurer has asked Phil*Creativ to come up with a price quote, but there has not been a serious tender for the order, which means that other interested parties also had no chance to win the order.
Another problem may be that an unwanted, excessive concentration of philatelic magazines in Germany arises. Philapress Verlag is also the publisher of the German stamp magazine "Briefmarken Spiegel".
The reasons that the BDPh adduces for its transfer of "philatelie" from Phil*Creativ to Philapress Verlag are rather diffuse. It is unlikely that the BDPh has been dissatisfied with the setup and the contents of the magazine. On the BDPh’s website the magazine is still defined as "die weithin anerkannte Fach- und Verbandszeitschrift des Bundes Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.“ (‘the widely recognized professional magazine of the BDPh’). Between the BDPh and Phil*Creativ there has been a close cooperation that lasted almost three decades. In this period the editors of “philatelie”, Wolfgang and Claudia Maassen, managed to transform the magazine from a rather simple bulletin into a respected and renowned publication.

Thanks to this photograph the readers of "philatelie" could acquaint themselves with the new editors of the journal, Wolfgang and Claudia Wolfgang Maassen (picture: Wilhelm van Loo).