16.08.2016 - AIJP criticizes BDPh (Germany) and exhibition organizers

(aijp) On behalf of the AIJP the organisation’s President, Wolfgang Maassen, has uttered massive criticism on the way philatelic literature is treated during philatelic exhibitions. The fees for entering literature exhibits are, in the view of the AIJP, far too high when one considers what is offered in return. Often, the participating literature exhibits are not even visible at exhibitions, stipulates Maassen. Furthermore the AIJP finds it more than questionable, even untrustworthy, that after an event all philatelic literature exhibits will be snapped up by the body that organized the event. This in contrast to exhibits containing stamps and other philatelic material; these items are returned without ado to their owners. In an appeal in the official organ of the AIJP, 'The Philatelic Journalist' (No. 150 of July 2016; page 22 and next) Maassen also fulminates against the fact that digital literature exhibits still are being banned from international stamp exhibitions.
The AIJP is particularly critical when it comes to ‘a very curious habit’ (Maassen) practiced by the Federal of German Philatelists’ (BDPh). The federation sees no evil in charging literature exhibitors the same hefty ‘commissioners’ fees’ that are applicable for regular stamp exhibits. This, although literature exhibits hardly demand a substantial effort from the commissioners. The AIJP considers the excuse that is made by the federation (‘commissioners’ fees are necessary to cover the travel expenses of our commissioners’) as not valid.
The accusations and demands of the AIJP have been supported worldwide. The exhibition director of the international stamp exhibition ‘Stockholmia 2019’, Jonas Hällström, has already announced that he intends to review the rules for this Swedish exhibition. The Greek Philatelic Association has posted the complaints of the AIJP on its website; it agrees with the scope of the complaints that have been brought forward by the AIJP.