20.07.2016 - New MICHEL catalogues 2016/2017

Michel Deutschland 2016/2017

(ok/wm) Michel’s catalogue ‘Deutschland’ is regarded as a standard work for serious collectors of German stamps. The recently published 103rd edition of this catalogue offers numerous editorial changes. Russia, Ukraine and Zara under German occupation in World War II have been overhauled completely by the editorial staff at Schwaneberger Verlag. Previously, only six pages with 42 illustrations were dedicated to this collecting area. But now, no less than 16 pages and over one hundred color scans can be found in the catalogue. The staff also focused on the issues of the Belgian military post in the Rhineland and Eupen & Malmédy; the number of illustrations rose from eleven to 29. Market analysts have found that certain collection areas show rather lively price movements: the classic issues of the old German states, occupation issues of both the First and the Second World War, General-Gouvernement (Poland) and Sudetenland. Also local issues and stamps issued in the Soviet Occupation Zone, the French zone and the Bizone, plus the first years of the GDR and the FRG.
Format 15.5 x 23 cm, 1.120 pages, about 12.000 color illustrations, around 58.000 price quotations, in color, hardcover. Selling price: 54.80 Euro.

MICHEL Südosteuropa 2016/2017

(ok/wm) There are numerous new MICHEL-numbers to be found in the latest edition of Michel’s ‘Südosteuropa-Katalog’ (‘Southeastern Europe catalogue’). Many editorial changes and improvements were made. In many places, the editorial staff could add the actual circulation figures provided by a number of postal administrations. of the who published the respective postal companies, grudge. The Bulgarian Post has retracted a number of postage stamps, which is duly noted in this edition of the catalogue. With regard to the section Greece it should be mentioned that no less than 25 new perforation varieties have been added. Collectors of Romania will be delighted that 33 new varieties have been recorded. The chapters about Turkey and Cyprus many text changes and additions can be noted, for instance with regard to the dimensions of stamp sheets.
As is the case with every new edition of the Michel catalogues, many quotations were reviewed and – if necessary – corrected. Price movements, especially upwards, can be found in the section that deal with Turkish Cyprus and Cyprus; the same goes for Turkey and some Greek issues.
Format 15.5 x 23 cm, 1.249 pages, about 18.000 illustrations and around 70.000 price quotations; in color, hardcover. Selling price: 68 Euros.

MICHEL-Nordeuropa 2016/2017

(ok/wm) Michel’s Northern Europe catalogue (‘Nordeuropa’) includes the popular Scandinavian collection areas Denmark, Faröer,Greenland, Finland, Åland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The smaller areas Karelia, Central Lithuania and Northingermanland are also covered in this volume. Throughout the catalogue editorial changes were made. All Danish booklets are now present. The definitive issue of Island ‘Local motives’ (1939-1943) has been significantly expanded. With regard to the quotations for classic stamps it can be said that in several cases the issues of the Northern European countries are showing significant price increases. Issues of a more modern kind the quotations also often have been altered, upwards as well as downwards.
Format 15.5 x 23 cm, 1.120 pages, about 10.400 illustrations and 61.500 prize quotations; in color, hardcover. Selling price: 68 Euros.