18.07.2016 - MICHEL Thematic catalogue: Olympische Spiele – Ganze Welt

(ok/wm) From the beginning of the modern Olympic Games, stamps have played a significant role. Greece, for instance, accompanied the first modern games (1896) with a special issue comprising twelve stamps. Up until the First World War the number of Olympic stamps was rather modest, but since Antwerp (Summer Games, 1920) and Lake Placid (Winter Games, 1932) things changed considerably. Olympic stamps show all kinds of sport, sport venues, medal winners and posters that were made for the promotion of the Olympic Games. All stamps of this kind can be found in the recently published Michel catalogue ‘Olympische Spiele – Ganze Welt‘. But for the section ‘Olympic Medal Winners’ a restriction has been made: only those stamps are catalogued that were issued on the occasion of an edition of the Olympic Games. This implies that many stamps depicting Olympic winners are not to be found in the catalogue. For instance many stamps showing the recently deceased, world famous boxer Muhammad ‘I am the greatest’ Ali (winner of an Olympic gold medal in 1960) are sadly missed.
Format 14.8 x 21 cm, 850 pages, approximately 12.000 images and around 50.000. Price quotations. Catalogue in full-colour, hardcover.,Selling price: 68 Euros.