08.07.2016 - Summer: the ideal season for philatelic maintenance

In summer many philatelists are less active than then they are in autumn or winter. The reason may be that most stamp associations opt for a summer break. However, the summer months can still be used for some ‘stamp collection maintenance’. You can, for example, decide to check the various perforations that certain stamps have to offer. This is usually a time-consuming and accurate chore. But you can save some time by using the right computer software. One of the programs that can be used to determine stamp perforations is Perfomaster; it can handle computer files in BMP, JPG or DIB format. Perfomaster can also handle scans that were made by the collector him- or herself. Anyone who wants to give it a try it can download the program at the website If you register yourself will get a free license of one year. It’s possible that you will encounter interesting discoveries!