27.06.2016 - Austrian Post unveils the world’s first stamp made of glass

The always innovative Austrian Post did it again: this time it showed its creative spirit by bringing out the world’s first stamp made of glass. On 10 June of this year a stamp showing the religious work of art ‘Pietà on the Cross’ was issued, produced by the Viennese manufacturer of porcelain Augarten. The basis of of each stamp was a tiny piece of glass, on which the design was transferred by using special pigments that were screen printed on the glass blanks.
The illustration depicts one of the so-called ‘Sandlbilder’: a Pietà painted on glass, showing Mother Mary, mourning her Son Jesus who shortly before has been removed from the cross.
The design of the stamp was made by Regina Simon. The stamp has a face value of 6.30 euro and a circulation of 140,000 copies. The issue can be ordered by visiting Austria Post’s online shop (via or by contacting the Collector Service of Austria Post (phone: +[0]43577-67-95095; e-mail: