24.06.2016 - Leuchtturm closes album gaps

(Geesthacht [G.]/at) Recently, the producer of the well-known illustrated stamp albums bearing the Leuchtturm (‘Lighthouse’) imprint has revised a number of its albums. It concerns the illustrated albums (‘Vordruckalben’) of three German collecting areas: ‘Danzig’ (Port Gdansk included), ‘Abstimmungsgebiete‘ (Voting Districts) and ‘Saar’. With the revision (that is based on the data that can be found in the Michel catalogues) Leuchtturm has managed to close a number of gaps in its product range. In addition to the Michel catalogue numbers all important differences (colour, perforation, watermark and paper varieties) are mentioned. The more expensive varieties have been placed deliberately on separate pages, so that they can be removed from the albums, if preferred.
Every field where a stamp can be inserted is provided with an illustration in black and white; it is immediately clear which stamp should be put there. If an explanation is needed to stress the difference(s) between two stamps which at first glance seem to be identical, then such an explanation will remain visible even when the appropriate stamps have been mounted.
The album ‘Abstimmungsgebiete’ which previously comprised Allenstein, Marienwerder, Upper Silesia and Schleswig, has been, by popular request, been supplemented by the regular issues of Eastern Upper Silesia.
In short: ‘Gdansk’ (including Port Gdansk): 40 album pages; ‘Abstimmungsgebiete’: 15 album pages and Saar: 20 album pages