22.06.2016 - Jeremy searches in vain

The cover of edition 4/2016 of NFT (in full ‘Norsk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift’ or ‘Norwegian Philatelic Magazine’) is both remarkable and amusing. The editor of the Norwegian magazine placed a complete episode of the cartoon ‘Zits’ on the cover. ‘Zits’ is an American comic strip written by Jerry Scott and drawn by Jim Borgman. The comic describes the domestic adventures of a sixteen year old teenager called Jeremy Duncan.
Edition 4/2016 of NFT shows how Jeremy tries to help his mother. Mrs. Duncan asks her son: ‘Could you go to the kitchen and fetch me a postage stamp?’ Jeremy visits the kitchen for a thorough search, but returns with empty hands. In the final picture he asks his mother: ‘What is that: a postage stamp?’. The editor of NFT placed a mild lamentation below the cartoon: ‘Tja…’ (‘Oh well’).