20.06.2016 - All about Jenny

The ‘Inverted Jenny’ certainly is one of the most famous postage stamp varieties. It concerns an American airmail stamp of 24 cents that was issued in 1918. The stamp shows a Curtiss Jenny airplane flying upside down. The stamp had been printed in two colours: carmine and blue. An error, made by the printer of the stamps, caused a dramatic effect: the central vignette of a complete sheet of 100 stamps was printed upside down. It seemed like the airplane was performing a spectacular stunt.
The American auctioneer Robert A. Siegel has developed something that will please many a stamp enthusiast that wants to know more (if not everything) about the Inverted Jenny. Siegel built a website that is devoted solely to the famous variety. The site provides detailed background about the 100 erroneous stamps, that originally were bought as a complete sheet of hundred by William T. Robey on 14 May 1918. The web address of Siegel’s new website is