09.06.2016 - Consilium Philatelicum (G): a three-day symposium for writers and editors

(mt) Recently, the German chapter ‘Consilium Philatelicum’ celebrated its 30th birthday with a two-day symposium that was held during the philatelic event WEST 2016 in Heidelberg. Not wanting to rest on its laurels, the Consilium now continues its activities by organising another symposium, this time one that spans not two, but three days. The event will take place in Bonn, in the ‘Haus der Philatelie und Postgeschichte’ (see picture), from 26 to 28 August of this year.

The symposium is primarily aimed at (German) authors, writers and editors, but everyone who has a general interest in (philatelic) literature is welcome. Participation is free for everyone, so no need to be a member of the AIJP, the world association for philatelic authors and journalists.
Scanning the list of speakers it is clear that all chief editors of the German and Swiss philatelic magazines will be present, ready to share their knowledge and thoughts with the participants. A special mention for the unique start of the event, when Dr. Andreas Hahn, the curator of the Archive of Germany Philately, will grant his guests an exclusive insight into his work and the treasures of the house in which he governs.
The topics of the symposium will be closely related to journalistic practice, so there will be something in it for every participant.
All lectures are given by speakers that have waived a compensation of their costs; they will even pay their own transport expenses, something the Consilium Philatelicum and the AIJP appreciate very much.
One more thing: only forty seats will be available for participants. Early registration is therefore recommended (contact via And last but not least: there will be no conference fee for drinks, coffee, cake and lunch on Saturday. Sponsors of the symposium have made this possible. All in all the event can be considered as an offer that can hardly be refused.

Program of the Symposium (26-28th August 2016)

Central topic of the event: ‘Press, Philately an Philatelic Literature on the move. Challenges, Problems, Solutions'

Friday, 26 August 2016

14.00-15:30 h.: A visit to the "Archiv der Philatelie"; lecture (30 minutes) by Dr. Andreas Hahn (curator), titled "How the ‘Archiv der Philatelie’ contributes to philatelic research"
15:45-16:15 h.: Coffee break
16:15-18:00 h.: AIJP Congress (for AIJP members and those interested)
19:30-21:00 h.: Dinner (at one’s own expense) at the nearby Italian restaurant

Saturday, 27 August 2016

10:00-17:30 h.: Symposium (with various topics, see below)
19:00-21:00 h.: Dinner (at one’s own expense) at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI)
21.00- ... h. Informal gathering at the GSI

Sunday, 28 August 2016

10:00-13:00 h.: Continuation of the Symposium (see below)
Closing of the Symposium

Program of the AIJP/CPh Symposium on Saturday, 27 August 2016

10:00-10:15 h.: Reception of the participants by Wolfgang Maassen, Chairman of Consilium Philatelicum

First Cluster: Useful help for authors

10:15-11:00 h.: “Der richtige Stil bringt’s!” (‘It’s a matter of choosing the right style’). Dr. Andreas Birch, author and editor of the Study Group “Ottoman Empire/Turkey”
11:00-11:45 h.: “Vereinsorientierte Pressearbeit” (‘Press activities at association level’). Practical tips from Reinhard Küchler, Editor at the Verlagsgruppe Rhein Main (titles: ‘Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz’, ‘Wiesbadener Kurier’, ‘Gießener Anzeiger’); 2. Chairman u. Editor of the Study Group Portugal and its Former Colonies
11:45-12:00 h.: Coffee break
12:00-12:30 h.: “Die eigene Homepage als Nachslagewerk” (‘How to use your own website as a reference source’) by Jürgen Olschimke, author and webmaster of his own website
12:30-13:00 h.: “Alles unter einen Hut!” (‘Everything under one roof!’). Lecture about how to use a study group’s newsletter for ‘emotional marketing’. Dr. Jan Clauss, Scientific Director of GSI and Chairman of the Study Group Yugoslavia and its successor states.
13:00-14:15 h.: Lunch break

Second Cluster: Publishers, Magazines and Agencies. Problems and Solutions

14:15-14:45 h.: “Gelassenheit – eine preußische Tugend” (‘Serenity - a Prussian virtue’) by Torsten Berndt, editor of Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung and Briefmarken-Spiegel
14:45-15:15 h.: “Messeförderung der Philatelie & Literatur - Möglichkeiten und Grenzen” (‘Promoting Philately & Literature at Stamp Fairs - Possibilities and boundaries’) by Jan Billion, Editor of the Deutsche Briefmarken-Revue
15:15-15:45 h.: “Wenn ich zehn Wünsche bei Autoren frei hatte” (‘If I could make ten wishes for authors!’) by Wolfgang Maassen, Chief Editor of "philatelie"
15:45-16:15 h.: Coffee break
16:15-17:00 h.: “Urheber- und Persönlichkeitsrechte – Ein Leitfaden” (‘Copyright and Personal Rights - A guide’) by Wolfgang Maassen, author and publisher

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Third Cluster: Literatura semper reformanda

10:00-10:30 h.: “Autoren- und Verlagsverträge – Hürden und Untiefen” ('Authoring and Publishing Contracts - Obstacles and Shoals’) by Wolfgang Maassen, author and publisher
10:30-11:00 h.: “Digitalisierung von Zeitschriften – Erfahrungen met der SBZ” (‘Digitization of journals and magazines. Experiences of the SBZ’) by Hans Schwarz, chief editor and publisher of the Schweizerische Briefmarken-Zeitung (SBZ)
11:00-11:45 h.: “Die Nutzung der Michel-Kataloge: Copyright oder Wilduchs?” ('The use of MICHEL catalogues: Copyright or proliferation?’) by Oskar Klan, chief editor of the Schwaneberger Publishing House
11:45-12:15 h.: Coffee break
12:15-13:00 h.: THE FUTURE: thoughts on
• the central storage of data and the distribution of literature as published by study groups;
• how to reform the exhibition class for philatelic literature;
• special literature exhibitions
By Wolfgang Maassen, President of the AIJP

About 300 meters from the ‘Haus der Philatelie und Postgeschichte’ (address: Mildred Scheel-Straße 2, 53175 Bonn, Germany) you will find the Gustav-Stresemann-Conference Institute (GSI). Participants who want to stay in Bonn can book a room there, as long as space is available. Single rooms range from 71 Euros including breakfast, double rooms cost 94 Euros. Reservations must be made directly at the Gustav-Stresemann Institute e.V., Langer Grabenweg 68, 53175 Bonn/Bad Godesberg. Tel.: +49228/8107-0, Fax: +49228/8107-197, email:

Registrations for the symposium
Preference is given to those applications that concern the symposium as a whole (27 and 28 August). Reservations can be made by sending an e-mail message to, by calling ++[0]2163/49760 or by sending a letter to Wolfgang Maassen, Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal, Germany.