22.05.2016 - Finnish Postal Museum presents philatelic app for juveniles

It is a pity, but there are only a few apps for smartphones and tablets available that have something to do with stamp collecting. But there is good news: on May 14 the Postal Museum in the Finnish city of Tampere presented a new philatelic app, specifically designed for juveniles. The app runs on smartphones with the operating systems iOS and Android. A kinetic version is also available; it can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Kinect. The app was created by game developer Mean Fish in Tampere. The makers hope that the app will acquaint young people with philately, in a playful way using a smartphone or tablet.
The app is called Catch a Stamp and it can be used without any knowledge of the Finnish language. In fact, the app is totally 'wordless'. Perhaps it is a minor setback that the app only shows postage stamps of Finnish origin. Players must watch a ‘stamp shower’ closely and then choose the right stamps, i.e. those stamps that fit a predestined theme, like ‘dogs’.
The kinetic version of the app will be presented prominently during the international stamp exhibition ‘Finlandia’, that will be held in 2017, also in Tampere.
Android users will find the new application at this address: