20.05.2016 - In no time ten years younger

(wm) It can happen to anybody: to subtract numbers and then make a mistake. The German postal administration recently fell in such a trap, when it tried to calculate how long the official association of German philatelists (BDPh) exists. The German Post has prepared a special cover that will celebrate the 60th birthday of the BDPh, which is scheduled to appear on 2 June of this year, on the occasion of the philatelic event ‘Südwest 2016’. What a pity: the BDPh is already 70 years of age. It was founded in 1946, in the British occupation zone in Germany.
Whether the cover will appear in its faulty state remains to be seen; perhaps the German Post will make an effort to come up with a correct cover. By the way, the BDPh event mentioned above will take place from 17 to 19 June 2016 (Friday to Sunday) in Sporthalle #I, Sportzentrum Süd (for those using a car navigation system: enter "Pleikartsförster Straße 130") in Heidelberg.