04.05.2016 - MICHEL-Mitteleuropa 2016

(Unterschleissheim) In the edition 2016 of Michel’s catalogue of the stamps of Central Europe (‘MICHEL-Mitteleuropa 2016’) very important information can be found, data that are essential for dedicated philatelists. This year, the focus of the editorial staff clearly has been on price quotations. The price level of the stamps of the UN postal administrations in Geneva and Vienna show a considerable upward movement, especially those of the 21st century. The same applies to many stamps of Liechtenstein. This tiny principality thanks its popularity to its responsible issue policy. In the catalogue part that covers Liechtenstein, no less than fifty new perforation and color varieties can to be found.
Switzerland also shows a number of relatively strong upward price movements, especially from the year 2000 on. There are also increased notations for the ‘Official’ stamps of the League of Nations. The same goes for the imperforate parallel issues of Hungary and for a part of the booklets of the Czech Republic.
Michel’s Middle Europe catalogue is now available in shops and bookstores for 68 euros (via Michel’s online library: 34 euros). The hardbound volume comprises 1.344 pages.