06.04.2016 - The story of the Consilium Philatelicum (1986-2016)

On 17 June of this year, a new book written by Wolfgang Maassen will be presented: Die Geschichte des Consilium Philatelicum (1986–2016). The presentation will take place during the philatelic event WEST 2016 in Heidelberg (Germany). The book – part of a series under the header "Chronicle of German Philately", describes the 30-year history of this body of the association of German philatelists (BDPh), amply illustrated in full colour. The book traces the birth of the Consilium Philatelicum from its initial idea (1981) up to its foundation in 1986. And then it goes on: you will find interesting facts about the early years, information about the first brochures that the Consilium composed and distributed, details of the numerous events and special shows that have profited from the contributions of this special chapter of German philately. The Consilium Philatelicum may be regarded as a philatelic academy like the ones that are active in other countries. The German chapter sees it as an obligation to serve philately not only in depth, but also in width, loosely based on the motto "Popular instead of elitist".
Maassen's book is very varied and some parts of it are exciting to read. Especially when it comes to the reasons and backgrounds of certain events that are probably mostly unknown. That the author manages to paint the Consilium’s history in such vivid colours is logical: he has been active within this body for almost two decades. He does not shy away from critical questions when he describes discussions and clashes between both individuals and institutions that have left a clear mark.
The book comprises about 260 pages. It has been digitally printed on special 135 g paper and is hardbound. Each copy will be signed and numbered by the author. The names of early subscribers will be mentioned in a special list that is part of the book. Orders that come in after de deadline for early subscriptions will be delivered without signature and number.
For early subscribers (closing date 15 May 2016) the book will be available for 30 Euros (plus package and shipping). After 15 May 2016 the book will cost 45 Euros, that is if there are still copies left. There will be no reprint.
Orders for copies with signature and unique number must be sent no later than 15 May 2016 to the following address: Wolfgang Maassen, Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal (Germany). You can also send an email message to the author: