04.04.2016 - Water damage in the APS Library in Bellefonte (USA)

(wm) The famous philatelic library of the American Philatelic Society is one of the largest of its kind; it contains many bibliophile treasures, works that you will not find elsewhere. The American society is of course proud of this heritage. Recently, investments of 2.6 million dollars were made for the creation of new storage spaces and other facilities.
In the midst of March the library, which is located in Bellefonte, faced a rather rainy weekend. It then became apparent that the library’s roof was leaky. The result was that a number of books, magazines and other documents that were stored in the recently completed "George Turner Rarities Room" were damaged. Thanks to the quick intervention of the library staff on the morning of Monday 14 March and the support of employees of Penn State University Library, the extent of the damage was limited. Those auction catalogues that were destroyed certainly can be replaced. Fortunately the valuable rarities in the Turner Room could be brought to safety. Immediately the process of drying the damaged works was started (see picture), with the support of the University. This summer, the renewed American Philatelic Research Library will open its doors; in October there will be an official opening ceremony, followed by a big party.