30.03.2016 - Deutsche Post DHL: robots will become essential

(dp) Deutsche Post DHL Group is approaching a point in time where robots are going to become essential in the world of logistics. The Group launched a new Trend Report "Robotics in Logistics" revealing how collaborative robots will affect supply chains. Robotics technology may soon be picking, packing and moving goods in the logistics environment.
Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President Strategy, Marketing & Innovation, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, said: "Robots work in many industries but haven't made an impact on logistics yet because of the complexity of the work - handling a wide array of different things in an infinite number of combinations, close to people and in confined spaces. Current research shows that 80 percent of logistics facilities today are still manual. Recently, however, technology is just starting to catch up to meet demands for flexible and low-cost robots that could collaboratively work in logistics."