28.03.2016 - FedEx: USPS’s most important supplier in 2015

(lsn) The United States Postal Service (USPS) can handle much its tasks perfectly by itself, but it still needs to make use of external suppliers. Help is offered by firms specialised in transport, telecommunication, air freight, etcetera. In a recent issues of Linn’s Stamp News, Washington Correspondent Bill McAllister reports about it. He presents a list of USPS’s top suppliers Using data that were collected by the law firm Husch Blackwell in Kansas. This is the list of the nine top suppliers of USPS and what they charged the postal service for their services in 2015:

1. Federal Express Corp. $ 1.400.000.000
2. Energy United Electric $ 439.000.000
3. Honeywell International $ 273.000.000
4. Salmon Companies $ 229.000.000
5. Victory Packaging $ 212.000.000
6. United Airlines $ 197.000.000
7. HP Enterprise Service $ 192.000.000
8. Accenture Federal Service $ 188.000.000
9. Wheeler Bros. $ 175.000.000