25.03.2016 - A striking example of philatelic advertising

(wm) In FEPA-Magazin Nr. 1 of this year, the Spanish Post has placed a remarkable advertisement. In the ad a connection is made between philately and good health, just like the former President of the association for German philaelists (BDPh), Dr. Heinz Jaeger, always was eager to stress. The text of the Spanish advertisement goes as follows:

“Correos takes care of your health. Depression, anxiety, stress? You need to relax. You need Philately. For all ages. Rapid effect. No expiry date. No side effects. Collect stamps, improve you life. Culture, pleasure, time-out, relaxation, entertainment, amusement.”

Shown is a medicine box showing the brand ‘Philately16’ (refers to the 2016 stamp program of the Spanish Post) and containing a number of medicine strips with ‘more than 90 stamp issues’ and suitable for children and adults.

As Dr. Heinz Jaeger stated a long time ago: philately is a hobby that relaxes, something that can easily be taken up by any age and that is beneficial to your health. The idea may not be new, but the initiative of Correos certainly deserves to be followed worldwide!