21.03.2016 - Lost in the post: a remarkable Goethe block!

(wm) At the end of February of this year a German Goethe block got lost in the mail. The block (the Michel catalogue number is Block 6) can be described as rather distinctive, because it has been obliterated with a special hand stamp, bearing the text „(10 b) LEIPZIG C1, 1749 Goethe 1949 / 28.8.49-19". The exact dimensions of the block are 105:106 mm.
The block has been proofed by the German philatelic expert Siegfried Paul, who assessed the block, 3 June 2015 (certificate no. 7891/15), as genuine.
If you can help tracing the missing block please contact W. Hipp from Marken Schneider, Keplerstraße 11, 72762 Reutlingen (Germany), telephone ++[0]7121/93650. You can also send an email message: