18.03.2016 - Stockholmia 2019 acquires the AIJP patronage

(wm) The AIJP (Association Internationale des Journalistes Philateliques) unites more than 500 journalists, authors, writers, editors and publishers from almost 40 different countries who are all specialized in philately. The AIJP supports and promotes important stamp exhibitions, especially when these events consider philatelic literature as one of their priorities. International exhibitions can acquire the patronage of the AIJP; the benefits of such a patronage are promotion via and assistance from the AIJP, and that in various forms. In such cases, the AIJP commits itself to not only promoting the events by publishing press releases and including news items on its website, but also by showing its involvement by offering practical help for the preparation of these exhibitions.
On 18 February of this year, the international stamp exhibition Stockholmia 2019 was presented for the first time. The event will be largely built around the 150th anniversary of the oldest philatelic association in the world, the Royal Philatelic Society in London (RPSL). Stockholmia 2019 will take place from 29 May until 2 June 2019. The exhibition, that will be held in the Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm, will present philatelic literature as one of its highlights. Writers, journalists, editors and publishers who are a member of the RPSL have a unique chance to celebrate the jubilee in Stockholm.
On 6 March of this year, the President of the AIJP, Wolfgang Maassen, officially announced the AIJP’s patronage of Stockholmia 2019. The related patronage documents were subsequently signed in the presence of members of the organizing team. Signatories were Wolfgang Maassen and Jonas Hällström, the head of the exhibition organization of Stockholmia 2019. This means that people wishing to exhibit philatelic literature in 2019 may consider the Swedish exhibition as their first choice.

Picture: Wolfgang Maassen (center left) and Jonas Hällström (center right) during the signing of the documents that confirm the patronage of the AIJP. On the left: Brian Trotter, Lennart Daun and Bengt Bengtsson. On the right: Tomas Bjaeringer, Jan Berg, Lars Engelbrecht and Dieter Michelson (photo: Birgit Michelson).