09.03.2016 - New MICHEL catalogues

(wm) The German Schwaneberger Verlag has welcomed spring by bringing out a number new catalogues, available at the usual addresses and on the internet. Take, for instance, the first edition of a catalogue called Flugzeuge Ganze Welt 2016 (‘Aircrafts - Whole World 2016’), which comprises 664 pages that offer information about stamps from 1915 on, depicting aircrafts. It contains 1.100 colour illustrations and lists about 50.000 price quotations. It’s for sale in printed form for 64 euros or at half that price via the MICHEL Online Library.

Another first edition is the catalogue "World Wide Fund for Nature 2016". Here you will find stamps listed that are dedicated to the world’s largest international organisation caring for nature and environmental protection. The catalogue contains approximately 2.000 full colour illustrations, along with around 6.000 price quotations. A printed version costs 39,80 euros (half that price via Michel’s Online Library).

Michel’s “South Asia Catalogue 2016” (‘Übersee-Katalog 8/1) contains 896 pages and covers the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma (Myanmar), India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Here you will find about 11.500 illustrations (2.000 new colour scans included). The number of price quotations lies around 55.000; thanks to the increasing popularity of these areas there are certain upward price movements. For 84 euros you can obtain a copy of the catalogue (for the first time published as a hardcover catalogue. You get a 50% discount when you go for the digital version of this catalogue, via Michel’s Online Library.

Michel has also published a new edition of its “Coins Catalogue Germany” (Euro coins of all countries included) . As usual, the 20th edition lists all German coins since 1871, along with all ancillary areas. The coins are quoted in up to four degrees of conservation. Information on counterfeits or faulty coins can also be found, even the “Numisblätter” of Deutsche Post AG and the official “Numisbriefe” of the German Democratic Republic are present. You will find around 2.100 illustrations in colour, along with about 19.500 price quotations. Selling price of this catalogue: 26.80 euros in printed form or half that price when purchased via Michel’s Online Library.